My home, Your home. Keep in touch!

There’s nothing to hide that I like to keep in touch with people. This page is mainly dedicated to those one, who like to travel, to share own experience and stories, thoughts through, etc.

Nevertheless, if you are not such a person, don’t hesistate to visit ORANGE JACK. Always feel welcome! Maybe some of my writings will inspire you to undertake some actions to provide something new in your life?

25th November 2017 – As I start my journey with this blog-page in Shanghai – where on 19th September 2016 I started to write my writings,  until this time (25th November 2017) 47 writings appeared on my Facebook page – the header picture will remind it to me and to all who would achieve aims that seems to be so high as studying in Shanghai seemed to me before I came here.

In my writings I hope You will find something that will make Your impression and Your own thoughts through or just will be a point from where You started Your own journey. Whatever it will be, keep on it!

Be a part of ORANGE JACK and share your own impressions, reflections, experiences, thoughts, etc. Don’t hesistate to ask questions. Always feel welcome! ~ Kordian Moskala

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