2. The view from a distance. How small are we?

Hot afternoon. Almost 30*C. Partly cloudy sky. I’m sipping a “Black Tea with Vanilla Ice Cream”, watching Pudong New Area with Shanghai Downtown in background from BaoLong Square (宝龙广场) and listening to my playlist “KM Fm” having in ears “Faded” and coming next “Reality”. I’m wondering how small are we just comparing us to buildings we build ourself?

Three queries passed through my mind while watching the view:

The first query, if these buildings/skyscrapers are visible even from quite a long distance, seen even though the electricity cables and other buildings cover the view, are we visible in our minds among the thousands thoughts too? And outside of mind, can we see a single person in the crowd, even from a distance?

The second one, we’re planning a higher and higher buildings/skyscrapers, more or less impressive. We’re still in the same size. Can we “build” ourselves higher, more or less impressive?

And the last one, buildings/skyscrapers can accommodate a lot of people inside, however there’s still maximum capacity, but how many people can we accommodate inside of us, inside of our heart/mind?

After around 20 minutes I end my drink and throw the cup to the trash and again I come back to have a look at Skyscrapers covered smoke, buildings, but still visible. Music is still playing in my ears giving a feeling of deep immerse in thoughts. Song “Two Trees” touch me so much again that even I miss the couple of Chinese that just walk next to me and miss a step almost falling down. I react to their laughs and I start to laugh too. Watching the time I see that I stood quite a long. So I leave the place of wonder just to come back to REALITY.



“Faded (Instrumental)” by Alan Walker

“Reality” by Lost Frequences

“TwoTrees” by Ludovico Einaudi

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