3. Lucid dream

Morning. I just woke up from the lucid dream. It’s ended suddenly that I had to check on cellphone what time is it as sometimes I wake up in the middle of night in such hours like AM 3:33, AM 2:34, etc.This time luckily it was morning, AM 8:29, an accurate time to start a day. One thing that fascinate me is that number 829 is the one due to some reasons I treat in a special way and this number appeared in my dream as well!Right after I woke up I wrote down some details from that dream as sometimes I like to connect what I’ve dreamed to what happens in reality or what is in my mind. Also sometimes I like to memorize one dream to analyze my feeling.In this dream I dreamt that I’m in hometown and lay on the grass. Suddenly I hear someone is speaking to me in Danish and in meantime I find myself just next to the secondary school, the one I took the first class. It came out that my head-teacher asked about me and wanted to see me.When I heard about it, I turned around myself and suddenly saw a cave, similar to the one from Bethlehem. Inside this cave I heard voices of my friends which were showing each other some photos of me from journey. When I entered the cave and they saw me, they were so happy about that and asked me to play the piano, because it’s a long time since they’ve heard live music played by me.I started to play. I played Ludovico Einaudi’s song titled “DNA”. In meantime of playing the piano, I closed my eyes as often I do it in real life while playing this song. In some time I heard someone was playing the cello along with me. I opened my eyes while ending the song and I saw on the piano something written in the same style like Steinway&Sons they use to signature their pianos. It was number 829.I ended to play the song and turned back to see who played the cello, but I couldn’t see that person. The only friends who were with me, they hugged me and disappeared.

Suddenly, I found myself in another place. It was a home. I looked around and noticed that I knew this place before. In the background I heard the voice that told me to dress up well, as I’m going to concert. I went to the wardrobe and here my dream ended.

After waking up from bed, I grabbed a cellphone. Set songs “DNA” and “Nuvole Bianche” to play repeat-on. I went to expose the curtains to see what the weather is like. It was beautiful morning. Sunshine reflected to my window. On the blue sky I saw a cloud that was in shape of heart. I wanted to take a picture of that cloud, but it disappeared behind the buildings that are in neighbor. I kept listening to songs to get in a chill mood for the morning thoughts.

After few minutes I picked up the notebook to write down what I dreamt about. When I ended writing I switched off “repeat music” and the song “Experience” started to play. Within this song I dress myself and go for the breakfast.

I went to the restaurant, where the Chinese food is served and where the piano is as well. After breakfast I started to play “DNA” as I did in dream. In a moment one guy came to me and asked what is the title of song I play. I told him, it’s “DNA” composed by Ludovico Einaudi.

I played to him the origin song. When the cello started to play, he told me: “Hey, I play the violin, I’d learn to play this song and we’d play it together!”… Did my dream – somehow – came true?


“DNA” by Ludovico Einaudi

“Nuvole Bianche” by Ludovico Einaudi

“Experience” by Ludovico Einaudi

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