4. Instable like BAMBOO

Afternoon. Yuyuan Garden, Shanghai. I’m sitting on the bench that’s opposite to the bamboo field. I’m listening to the “Chinese violin” on which the old man plays “Auld Lang Syne”.  In meantime I’m watching bamboos that are swinging within the wind blow and people, who are passing next to me. Most of those people are the local one: family with children, the older one and some teenagers, perhaps from Secondary school. Among them are some tourist from other countries. In a moment I see a girl, the tourist, who haven’t had any special features to stand out from others, the only her T-Shirt with a huge PANDA on fore-side made me focusing on her!

Again, I looked at bamboos,which continuously waved in the wind. The old man played all the time. After a while of a gap thoughts I starred on bamboos deeply and thought how amazing are they and how great allegory bamboo can be to describe people.

Which character or characteristics of bamboo I joint with those which we people have? At first, I asked myslef: “Who are people, what we are like and how I’d compare us to bamboo?”. After few minutes of thoughts through, I found at least three characteristics that are common as to people so to bamboos. The most common character is that we have strong personalities as strong are bamboos itself. However, it has a good and bad side. The good one is that our capacity can take over a lot of pressure, impacts. And yet, in group we are unbreakable! Nevertheless, as bamboos do so we too, we are or we could be empty inside. It often happens our good sides might be our weakness in the same time. This emptiness in us it’s a bad side of our common characteristics and as the result of that, it sometimes happens that we think we are unbreakable, undeterred, but miss something. Luckily, this emptiness is fulfilled with something: in bamboo the water is inside of it shoot; we are fulfilled with: love, faith, by our nearrest, by our values, etc. As  bamboo will get dry without water inside, so we cannot live fully without love, people around, values, rules, whatever more…

Notwithstanding, our the most important, common characteristic, in which bamboo is a great allegory to people is EVANESCENCE.

Here, bamboo can be instable because of the wind, what can symbolize our instability. Even if we have water, maybe our personal character is difficult to break, but we often depend on other people who like the wind change our directions where we move. A special space, where the other might have the biggest influence to make changes is our mind, our heart. We can be touched by what we hear around from TV, Radio, people in our society. We easily react emotionally to newspeak which often matchs to us and our way we think. This is like the wind that direct us in the way it wants and whenever it blows.

It shouldn’t be like this, if we’re really strong personalities, we have – AND BAMBOOS DOES NOT – strong will, shouldn’t we be more stable and do not give up the wind, in the same time be much more stronger than bamboos do? Bamboo doesn’t have a strong will and always will be blown by the wind. But do we have to be the same? Are not we made to have our own feelings, own thoughts? Are we too lazy we just immitate other people, regardless if for example what they do it’s bad to human-being?

After around an hour of thinking and focusing my sight on bamboos and on people that are around me, I listened to the last song played by the old man, it’s “Now we’re free” from Gladiator movie. It perfectly matched to my thought to release myself to be like bamboo, to be instable. Can I do it? Am I strong enough to stand out of the main-stream, out of the wind’s blow? With these questions in mind I left Yuyuan Garden, listening to the last notes of the song “Now we’re free”.

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