5. Shanghai – the city of contrasts

“Tea-time”. Another beautiful, warm and a little bit windy day in Shanghai. The sun is reflecting in skyscrapers near which I’m passing. I’m following from Century Avenue Metro Station to Luziazui District on foot. Like always I’m listening to my music playlist to have better wonder and impression from what I’m watching, experiencing, etc. I’m passing through Century Avenue watching sometimes to crossing streets if there’s something. Actually in Shanghai always you can find something. And it happened to me. Once I looked in direction of Rushan Road and I thought to entrance this street as I saw local shops and restaurants. I’m leading the road and after few hundred meters I turn left to the estates area.

While entrancing the “Model Quarter” gate, I’ve had an impression I’m entrancing to a kind of poorer neighborhood. I set my sight on three girls who played probably “Pokemon GO” as they seemed to search for something around within cellphone in hands. Within a minute of observation I guessed that they’re triplets: they were dressed very nice, having hairs tied in a bun, colorful dresses in frills and green patent leather heels. Going deeper into neighborhood I focused on buildings around. The architecture and general condition suggested me these buildings are quite old, but as inside so outside they’re clear. Even cars that stand on parking suggested me it’s not that poor neighborhood as I thought.

A few minutes later I found myself next to the gate and I left the residential area coming out directly to the Century Avenue. In one time saw these estates – that I just was going on next to – and saw skyscrapers. This picture was so splendid that I just stopped and thought: “Shanghai is really a city of contrast”. Even if other cities like Los Angeles, New York or Paris has a lot of contrast in their architecture, placement of buildings, I’ve a very special impression with Shanghai. At first these estates are in direct neighborhood with a Financial District and secondly, these estates are really old comparing to Shanghai WFC Tower or the newest – and in one time the second tallest tower in the world – Shanghai “21st Century” Tower.

However, the buildings seems to be neglected, and somehow they are so, they really match to the whole city architecture. Great contrast and a pearl among worldwide residential estates like this.

Now, continuing my walk in direction to Luziazui, still I have in mind a picture of neighborhood I entranced. In meantime I’m watching the sun it slowly set, shining above the building of Puxi District. Another part of Shanghai, where I guess I can experience the contrast view of the city architecture again.

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