7. Polish accent in Shanghai

Monday afternoon. Baolong Square, Shanghai. I’m walking around Shopping Plaza for a small shopping. I’m entrancing Carrefour which is placed in neighborhood of Plaza. Walking around I’m looking for products I need to buy for the nearest few day. On the way upstairs to another floor of Carrefour, I’m passing by a raws of snacks, sweets, tees, coffees… Suddenly, while passing the raw with proteins I see THIS: a raw of milks where among lot of international milk brands I see this one, the Polish one, milk company named “ROTR” from Kuyavian-Pomerarian region.

After one minute of being amazed, surprised and speechless I took on “3,5%”, even though I was not going to buy milk at all, I did it. Yet around 15 minutes I walked around shop to find some products and I directed myself to cashes. Surprisingly the queue wasn’t too long, so it hadn’t last 5 minutes and I left Carrefour.

I’m going out of Shopping Center to outdoor Plaza. For a while I’m going to a place from where I like to watch Shanghai’s Skyscrapers. I’m listening to the music like always I do. Five minutes later, I’m going to exit of Plaza and while passing a “Smoothie Juice and Milkshake” bar, I decide to buy one as the outside temperature and high humidity let me feel a warm feeling. I’m standing in queue. I’m watching menu, and choose a Milkshake I want to order. Just before ordering, I can see the angle of the eye a known to me logo of a milk company. I focus my sight on the carton of milk and I don’t believe – a Polish milk again. This time a milk from Łowicz! I get my order and in time of purchase I look inside of bar. In fridge I see 5 huge boxes with “Łowicz” logo! I’m asking the cashier: “where do they buy such an amount of milk”?!

After a talk I’m leaving bar and Baolong Square, going back home. I’m walking with a proud and a happiness in my mind. I’m thinking about a sentence that once the wiseman said: “Thank for all, even for a little things”! So I do it. I thank to God and to all who let me see at least a milk, but a Polish milk, here in China! What else may surprise me with a Polish accent? (to be continuted)

It’s almost a year after I found the Polish milk in Carrefour. Until this time the more things surprised me they are in China, at least in Shanghai! Namely, in September this year (2017) two girls opened the Polish restaurant in Jing’an District. This restaurant is called PIEROGI LADIES and is the only Polish restaurant in whole China! It’s nice I can taste a Polish cuisine so far away in an odd civilization, which China is. Here I really started to appreciate a home feeling, each person from Poland I meet.

It’s not that I haven’t done it before. But it’s now when the Polish accent in Shanghai is improving my pro-Polish feelings and how much I want to share this Polishness among my foreign friends. Can you find or have you already found an accent of your homeland somewhere, in place where you live, which country, culture is too odd, too different that you wouldn’t suspect to find something that strongly is relative to you and your home?

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