9. Dishui Lake

Saturday, the 12th November, afternoon. I’m at West Island (西岛) on Dishui Lake (滴水湖). I’m lying on the grass, resing after a round walk of the lake that’s almost in shape of circle with small outstandings like peninsula. I have a lot of thoughts, mainly those that cover my impressions of place where I’m and HOW BIG is the city where I’m. Shanghai.
To reach the lake from place I live, I needed almost 2 hours, where in meantime I took the bus (浦东20路) to Tangzhen Metro Station (Line 2), then drove to Longyang Road Station where finnaly I transfered to Line 16. This last line made a huge impression on me. It’s one of few elevated metro lines. It range for around 50 kilometers and leads from the city center of Shanghai to one of the furthest suburbans, where Dishui Lake is placed and where is the termial station. One of the biggest impressions was that there are ONLY 12 stations on the way, and along a whole way there is continuous urban development with some countryside accents in the background!

The one thing I want to underline it’s that my campus is placed in Shanghai and I drove to another place in the same city which is remote for about 65 kilometers away! I just couldn’t believe that even until I arrived at Dishui Lake.

Since the train left Longyang Road Station, all the time I could see a numbers of residence areas that included high estates like 25-30 floors and the further from the city center the more small houses appeared on the way. In meantime we passed through the High-Tech town, Industry Zone and other Development Area that were still under the construction. Not mentioning a rural area, that was like a component of the landscape. 

Just like in Europe, but there a single cities, towns, villages create the aglomerations, and here in China the only “residental area” are sometimes in size of the average Polish town, they are included in districts that in total create the city of Shanghai!

Still, I’m laying on the grass. I use the warm weather as in forecasts I could see the colder days are coming and the heavy rains may fall and there is less possibility to have another warm, sunny day.

Around me are families with kids. They have a barbeque meeting, play the kite or just use the free time. It’s so amazing feeling when you can lay on the grass, listen to a little buzz and listen to some people they’re celebrating something, playing and having fun; and in spite of that still you may experience a nice silence. Unforgettable moment.

The best in the awareness, the feeling, that I’m in a huge city, where even I can’t see it’s skyscrapers as I’m that far away, around 55 kilometers from Lujiazui. The distance and the amount of people makes a great impression to me.

I’m listening to the music, that perfectly set my weekend mood and multiply my thoughts through. I always thought about Shanghai as the city with a huge air pollution. I never considered there might be a clear air. However, Dishui Lake is not the only place in Shanghai with a good air quality. The city improve it as well. Luckily. Nevertheless, here I can breath the best!

A lot of things are appearing in my mind. Maybe I will play the kite as well as other do? Or maybe I will discover more places around Dishui Lake?


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