10. 1 kilo of Oranges.

Wednesday, 30th November, afternoon. Shanghai. I have a walk around area of my University. Just doing another kilometers to keep fit.

After over an hour of walking I see the man who’s selling oranges. I asked him if I could buy just one orange and how much it costs. The man replies me “10 kuai”. Surprised with price for just one orange I asked again the same question. The man replied the same answer.

After a moment of wondering I grabbed one orange and I asked again the man “how much for THIS orange?” The man replied again “10 kuai”. I thought “Ok, I give up and I buy this one orange for 10 kuai as there were no other man around who would sale orange I actually wanted to eat.

After I paid, the man packed to bag 1kg of orange. Speechless after getting the bag I thanked and left. Not one minute passed and such delightful thought came to me: “Isn’t it the same with God’s mercy that we ask just for one thing and He offers us ten times more?”. The worst is that that “the fake” value of something – like money in case with purchasing one orange – sometimes closes the door to receive something that has “the real” value…

In the same way when we get so much mercy – as I got oranges – it’s obvious we are rather going to share it as it is somehow too much what we wanted to get.

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