12. Check out yourself in the New Year

Sunday, New Year, Shanghai. After New Year Eve and making plans/wishes for a coming year I promised myself to check out my plans for the first day in 2017. The goals were:

– to go to Dishui Lake with someone
– to celebrate a day with a “Oolong Macchiato” from “1็‚น็‚นโ€


– to challenge myself to start to solve the weaknesses from the past.

All goals I well done in time. At the end I left my travel to DiShui as a “cherry on a cake-top”.

I’m sitting on the grass – on blanket – with a friend whom I took with me to show DiShui. We’re observing people, place around, kites above. I always done it myself, several times, the same place. However, it’s different every time. Even if everything is the same, always thoughts are new.

This time I’m talking about New Year: new perspectives, new opportunities, new visions and missions. It’s nice I can do it with someone else. Always it’s different point of view at what is in our common shared reality.

We’re talking about today, what we aimed to do and what’s checking out. We concluded that it’s rare to mobilize a self to achieve all goals for a day, scheduled one by one. Often we miss one thing. Time. Both of us we see our different plans for today. I’ve done all I wanted. Nothing, specially laziness and disorganization with which often I’m/we’re faced to fight, stopped me to ask my friend to go to DiShui Lake, even for him at last it came out to be too far away to go; have a sip of my favorite tea in a New Year and start to think about my weaknesses with which I’m going to work out to reduce their press on me. Freedom. This is what often we miss, even we think we’re free, somehow we are not.

My friend left for a while to order the lunch for him in nearby BBQ bar. I’m laying down on blanket. Starring at sky, I’m watching kites above and planes that make circles over DiShui taking off or landing on Pudong International Airport. What’s a good feeling, satisfaction, when I’m thinking of plans I successfully have done for the first day in the New Year. It pushes me to check out myself always I aim something. This could make 2017 another – maybe even more than 2016 – fruitful year in my life.

This is my wish to all of you who read it, make your 2017 fruitful, with a lot of own checks out, and never feel you failed something! Take it as a piece of advice to your heart and be free of fears. New Year, New Opportunities, New Chances and Ways to your/my/our “Freedom”.
๐Ÿผ๐Ÿผ๐Ÿผ๐ŸผHAPPY NEW YEAR๐Ÿผ๐Ÿผ๐Ÿผ๐Ÿผ

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