14. One Day in Doha

Saturday noon, Al Corniche, Doha. Since I arrived for a day tour in Doha in break to reach Poland, I’m walking along Doha bay. Small city, I’ve seen most of attractions in less than three hours.

Seven o’clock. I reach one of hotels in Doha to leave luggage for time of sightseeing. I’m just in the city center, which comparing to Shanghai’s Center looks like a small village. Besides High buildings, which are one one side of Al Corniche, the city looks like typical Arabic town. However, Doha as a capital city of Qatar has that somethings. It shows up to me as the deserts rose. Just city built in the middle of desert.

I walk to the point, from where you see high buildings just like from sea-point. It’s the harbor part of Al-Corniche. Here’s a park where I’m watching people around me. Many of the do exercises on a city sport equipment or just run, walk, stretch… In front of bay I see a man, who’s sitting on bench and is reading Qur’an, also I see a family is eating street food, Kallaba.

Eight o’clock. After an hour of walk I’m on half way to Mdina – Old Town – where I consider to visit some local places, to see the most famous Mosque in Qatar => Al-Sheikh Abdullah bin Zaid Al-Mahmood Islamic Culture Center; and to go to the Museum of the Islamic Art, as I like to watch It’s richness in decorations, It’s beauty in design. How funny feeling I have watching Doha high buildings – can’t call them skyscrapers – from distance noticing that I just walked around 3-4 kilometers.

Around 9 o’clock I reach Mdina, where in the first the closest I eat breakfast – the Yemen cuisine. I was pretty surprised when I saw the recipe and I saw the price, that actually is relevantly low to what I expected from the Arabic country, even I dare say, the breakfast was as cheap as in Poland. I’m watching people eating breakfast along with me or just passing through the area of the restaurant.

It’s worth to notice how many immigrants are here, specially from Punjabi, Indie, Pakistan – like in Dubai – and some European people and Chinese one. Those people nicely contrast with Arabic people, who surprisingly seems to me not to be strickt in some cases like dress-code for women, eating with left hand… Opposite to what I’ve seen once in Dubai, and I know from friends relations how it goes e.g. in Saudi Arabia, women – specially they – are or seem to be much more free, at least non all of them, even no woman, wear kijab and all those clothes wore by Muslim women. Maybe just those from rich families or much more orthodox, they do.

Half past ten. After breakfast and walk around Mdina, I finally sit on the bench – resting after 7,5 kilometers of walk – upon the main Mosque. The only place left to see is the Museum of the Islamic Art. Besides me is the place where the city build one of eleven stations of the future Metro line in Doha, called “Golden Line”. How great is to compare the way of building metro in Qatar to how it’s built in Shanghai.

I go to see the Islamic design and art. The colors of vases, jewels, paints, everything makes my eyes happy. It happened I stayed in MIA over two hours. Full of impressions from exhibition I go to the local market just next to MIA, where with my good luck I meet Chinese pearls saler from not other place but Shanghai. It’s nice to experience even beside China how much studies are good to me and how gorgeous feeling is when you can speak with random person in his/hers mothertongue even if both of you are abroad.

Later afternoon, I head myself to Mdina to eat lunch in the restaurant I ate breakfast and afterwards I to cafe which I found while morning walk. Nice place to drink Turkish coffee and to watch people. Here I sum up the whole day in Doha. I liked this place, even I have fun while comparing the City to Shanghai in size etc., I liked the environment here.

Within the coffee I end, I do the same with my one day stay in Doha. The last hours before leaving to Poland I admire the night life which is as vivid as in China. *I’ll miss such nights in Poland. Maybe one day it’ll change somehow. Now I’m soaking in to the night mood is here around. Hope to come to Poland with a good energy.

*(edit.) Luckily after writing this post, my perspective and point of view in topic of Poland changed positively as in the summer time I saw such a night life in my hometown, Bielsko-Biala.

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