15. Two Trees

The 10th February 2016 (last year), afternoon, Kolding, Denmark. Sunny and a little bit windy Thursday. Surprisingly, cause the last days were cold, humidity air, so depressive weather. I felt it so much I was unhappy of being here. It was time I experienced quite bad situations. I was walking along Kolding streets. Watching people who seemed to me to be rough to talk. I felt unfriendly. I was missing the brother soul, cause in this time most of people seemed not to understand not even willing just to talk.

In this “sad” time I wanted to have a walk as I had free time. I headed one of roads up to the south part of Kolding. I listened to the song “Two Trees”. Watching straight not focusing on something special I saw two willows. They were in the corner of way I was heading. They were next to each other, however, between them was a space, which made an impression of two worlds as houses going up way and to the right were pretty the same.

I took a picture as I couldn’t believe in what I see in time I was listening to music. Two Trees. I don’t know what happened to me, but it was the first step to start to think about things I’m doing, about place I am, about stopping to long my brother soul that is like one of those willows. Now due to the winter, naked – without leaves – they seem and they are seperate, alone. The situation changes when the spring is coming and the trees are covered by leaves, then such a willows are like together.

At present, the 10th February 2017, Poland. I’m on holiday in my hometown. With family, friends. I don’t meet so often with other people, just I spend time with my family. I memorize myself from the time in Kolding, in Denmark, how much I lost – luckily not so much – focusing on a situation I found myself in that time. Honestly? I’d never do the same again, to let myself to feel a kind of loneliness, to feel myself like two willows in winter. Now I do – I try – the opposite, I feel myself like I’m in springtime, summertime, the fall.

How beautiful is the compare of my life to two trees I’ve seen in Kolding. Now I’m not finding a brother soul, cause I have it. All the time. No matter if we’re together or not. I don’t let myself to feel any kind of loneliness, it’s nothing to follow, it’s distractive. Some time ago I learned myself to play the song “Two Trees”, just to memorize not only me who just for a while felt sad or something like this, but also for those who have depression, feel lonely, have a time of sadness.

I guess rather no one know the song I mention, but it’d be nice if you find yourself in a similar – or even worse than I was with feeling – situation, watch the picture that inspired me to change the way of watching the everyday life in that time, listen to “Two Trees”. The best if you find your own inspiration to get out from the mood you’re in right now. Maybe you miss someone. Maybe you miss a place, your home, friends, something from the past, whatever… Leave it. Or if it’s so bad, cry it out, maybe listen to the music you like in a such mood and get out. Find something that will realese you from the hell – cause this time in Kolding, specially the winter time was the hell to me – and start to live.

I regret I didn’t took a picture of those willows in a springtime and summertime, just to make a contrast to the winter picture. I hadn’t been in this place anymore. Maybe if I come back to Denmark, I’ll try to find this place, even to take the summer or the fall picture. But it won’t be the same anymore. It will be just coming to the place I’ve been before. For you I recommend to do the same. Start your life again and maybe in the future: the next month, next year/years… Perhaps you’ll laugh at yourself thinking how much you lost or how much you’d loose if you’d stay in the same mood, the same situation much longer. I tell you: NO REGRETS! At this point I end my writing for today. Have a good day, good night. Try to smile a little bit if you haven’t done it for a long time.



“Two Trees” by Ludovico Einaudi

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