16. Space

23rd January. Monday afternoon. Ustroń city, Silesia. I’m in place called Równica. It’s a mountain placed in the city of Ustroń. I have a walk. It’s cold, but the sunshine let me feel warm. Unusual emptiness at Równica, I’m almost alone. With laziness after eating a grilled trout, I’m heading to the top of the mountain, where is placed Skibówki’s Manison, from where the beautiful view spreads. You may see the city of Wisła, Ustroń, Cieszyn up to the city of Ostrava (located in Czech Republic).

Slowly approaching the peak, I watch in meantime the sunset. With stairs they are leading from the parking lot to the manison, I enter the terrase, where to my eyes a stunning view appears. Such a view I’ve NEVER seen before, even if it’s my hundreds time I’m here! In the valley, where Ustroń is settled up to the cirque where Cieszyn is placed, a huge fog covers this area, reaching almost the two third of the mountains height. This fog is like a big cloud you may see when you fly above the earth surface during the regural flight.

The whole space reminded  me Tenerife Island and the view from Pico del Teide at other islands they were in neighbor of Tenerife. The only top of mountains were visible as well as it’s now here at Równica. This view take my breath away! Right now I can see the whole space as far as I can see mount Lysa, it’s located in Moravian Beskids and the “Moravian Gate” it separates two mountain ranges: the Beskids (to the East) and Sudetes (to the West).

It’s 5 o’clock. The sun alrady set. Because of inversion, not only the fog was in the valley, but also the sky was clear, undaily clear! When it was darker after few minutes, I saw the Saturn and the most amazing fact was that I’d see it’s rings with the naked eye! So rare view!

I order a tea. I’m soaking in the view and taste the climate with a song in background, titled song “The Snow Prelude, No. 2”, with which I make a mood to myself. Priceless moment. Even in my dreams I couldn’t imagine that I will be happy with such well know view as is from Równica. And how!

Clouds are floating. The next parts of Small Czantoria are disappearing in dense fog. Another 40 minutes passed. In spite of that the sun set almost an hour ago, still there is a visible dusk. It becomes colder. I end to drink a tea. The last sight in direction of the valley and Saturn which became closer to the horizontal line. 
Two splendid, undaily phenomenon, which I might have observed in one time. I regret I can’t reflect it with the picture I took – specially the rings of Saturn. However, if the only I may have a more chance for a walk with a such sky clarity, where the city light doesn’t blur the visibility of stars, maybe I may have another occasion to observe such a view. Even from home, where the space is even wider as I can see from the Wilkowice Gate up to the Silesian Valley and Sudetes within mount Pradziad itself. Who knows. Such a moment, when I can watch a nice view like this, is a moment of peace, a honeycomb to my thoughts…
With a such dreamy feelings, I leave the manison and come back home. 

“The Snow Prelude, no. 2” by Ludovico Einaudi

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