17. Before departure

17. Before departure

Sunday Morning. Vienna, Austria.
I’m heading to the airport by metro and by “CAT” to departure from there to Shanghai. I’m thinking of time I spent here and in Poland.

Great memories. My worries about staying in Poland – in a good mood – seems to be funny now, however, some worries, specially those about the way some people behave as in Poland so abroad (e.g. in Vienna), it somehow came true. Nevertheless, I take care more about what I have done with my family and friends.

Time passed so fast, but well filled in meetings, family games and house works… Now leaving Vienna I wonder about time in Shanghai, that now I’m ready to come back with a new energy, new enthusiasm to do everything at all.

I’m arriving at the Airport. Passing through terminal I watch Alps – which I can see through the gate windows – that came out from the clouds. Nice view before departure. It refreshes my memories when I was starring at Beskidian mountains, specially in UstroĊ„, where I got my previous greater impression.

Reaching the gate, where is found the plane to Shanghai, I continue to watch the Alps. How wonderful is the placement of Vienna. One of my beloved cities in Europe, even in the world… What else can I write?

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