18. Moment of Peace

Friday morning, Shanghai. Sunny day. The perfect one to use a chance to have a nice morning upon the skyscrapers. I buy a Honey Green Tea in 1点点 to have greater enjoyment of time at Lujiazui, where I’m heading. I take a bus which goes directly there and after 45 minutes I find myself at place.

11 o’clock. I reach the point from where I always watch the Finance district “from below”. I listen to my music playlist set for a special moods like this one. Me and skyscrapers. Moment of peace. Even if this is the central point of downtown: full of tourists, cars, buses; still I experience a kind of peace which I can’t describe at all.

Such an amazing feeling while drinking tea and starring at my favorite buildings. It lets me to reset my mind and to forget for a while about problems and everyday life. The sun is hiding behind the Shanghai “21st Century” Tower. A great time to start to drink a tea. The moment of peace. How much we need to stop ourselves for a while, even for a second just not to get crazy from the life in rush.

In meantime of watching skyscraper, I observe the people passing next to me as well. The local one and the foreigners. Each of them look a little bit funny. The local one even in a work time goes just like, such an opposite reality to what is normally worldwide. They find a time to talk and keep going to reach a work place in a good mood, at least it seems to me they do. The foreigners, even those Chinese who are not from Shanghai, they are much more in rush: taking a picture, running there and back… What a paradox that people, who are on holidays, they don’t have so much time to stay in one place to watch the skyscrapers, or just to relax as perhaps this is their the only opportunity to do it. What they’ll memorize from a day at Lujiazui afterwards?

Giving myself a time, a moment of peace, I end to drink a tea. A slight wind and sunshine makes me feel like it could be an April Day. The warm one, but still fresh. In a such time, I really appreciate I appreciate more than usually the fact where I’m and what I’m doing in my life. However, I try to be thankful all the time, still I see after longer wonder like this, that not always I do.

Have you got a time to reset your mind? Do you have something to be thankful for, even if it’s your everyday life? Or maybe, are you like a tourist who don’t have a chance to stop for a while even if have a time to do it?

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