20. Jinshan

Saturday morning, around 9 o’clock. Shanghai. I started my trip to Jinshan with a bus 20 with which I went Tangzhen to reach metro line 2. After 20 minutes I got into the train in direction to Hongqiao Railway Station. After one hour I reached the airport where I was heading to the ticket service where I bought tickets to Jinshan Bei and back to the airport. Everything goes with a plan.

Around half past twelve I’ve had a train to Jinshan Bei. It took just 20 minutes to reach the place which is around 50-55 km from Hongqiao Airport. With one thing I was surprised, I was another 55 km from the final destination. Luckily I found out the bus which was going to the place nearby Donglin Temple from where I took another bus which drove directly to place I wanted to achieve.

Another thing that amused me was the Shanghainese dialect heard everywhere around me. No one was speaking Mandarin Chinese. It made me happy this way I knew I found myself in “real” Shanghai. Not spoiled by commercialism at all, not having a visible traces of “civilization” – in this meaning the greatness of the mega city. Jinshan, a part of Shanghai which seems to be a Chinese village. The only buses with the English speaker who say the direction you go by bus. The only bus.

It took me almost two hours to reach Jinshan City Sandy Beach area! However, I’ve had a great opportunity to see a countryside of Shanghai and to hear Shanghainese dialect at all.

Finally, around half past three in the afternoon, I reached the station that was 2 kilometers from the beach. After these 55 kilometers the last 5-7 kilometers were driven across the center of Jinshan. The rest of distance is beyond the center. You just go along the district of Jinshan and you wonder “how far did you found yourself from the city center, from Lujiazui?”. I’d never thought I’d live in a city, which suburban could be as far as I have a distance to the capital city of province (in Poland) from where I come from.

Tea-time. After an hour of walking around the center of Jinshan, I reached the entrance gate to the Sandy Beach. Paid 10¥. Inside in the “park” there’re two ways which are separated be an elevated pathway from where you can watch the beach and the sea. Actually, here in Jinshan is the point which is common known that there Shanghai is really upon the sea – as the name of the city says. The only part of Shanghai from Dishui Lake to Jinshan is really placed upon the sea.

After climbing up to the pathway, I couldn’t breathe. Not because of condition, but due to the view that appeared in front of me! Always, since I remember, I liked to build a sand castles. And now I’ve seen the big one, a huge outdoor exhibition. The size of each “castle” was different, nevertheless, as a great exhibition that took quite a big space on the beach, it made an astonishing moment not to be forgotten!

I set myself on one of the benches that were nearby the pathway and I was watching the beach and the sea until the sunset. What’s an amazing feeling. How great is to fill up the plan which was aimed at a very beginning of my stay in Shanghai…

People walked along the both sides of the pathway. Some of them were starring at me, some of them had a great pleasure to watch “castles” in colors of the sunset – as I did; some of them just walked there and back – perhaps the local citizens of Jinshan.

I really liked Jinshan, however, it’s so far that even now after tripping there at once, I consider to find out another way to go there to avoid the bus drive and some other “attractions” that happened to me, specially on the way back to home, to Pudong.

One thought was crossing my mind along the all trip: are we ready to reach goals, places, etc., we aimed to approach? Are we/am I able to risk some unpredictable things that might happen during processing?

I asked myself this way till now. At present, after over a week since I travelled to Jinshan I can say I’d trip to Jinshan again. I didn’t mentioned anything from my way back. I won’t. Now, when I’ve an experience from tripping there maybe it’ll take less time to reach Jinshan center.

How about you? Did you experienced something in a similar way as I did with the first trip to Jinshan and actually the first “far-distance”? Do you mind to achieve something you did hard and somehow failed, but this time you’ll be better prepared?

Maybe to make you clear what I have done in Jinshan that made me such a thoughtful and why I write it now, I just write I was late for the train back to Hongqiao Airport and I had to figure out the best way to reach at least “the closest” metro line. Regardless of the experience, still I’ve a pleasure to go to Jinshan again.

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