28. Dishui Lake (2)

The 3rd April. Monday morning. Shanghai. It’s the second or the third day of the spring, which is warm, even hot. Meanwhile, the Chinese people celebrate 桃花节 (read: Táohuā jié, EN: Peach Blossoms Festival). In this time in China are the days of the Spring National Holiday too.

Using the opportunity to travel somewhere, I go to Dishui Lake, about which I wrote the writing already. However, as in case of Jinshan, I write another writing. In case of Dishui Lake it’s simple charm of the place I want to share with you!

It’s quite far away from Shanghai Downtown, around 1,5 hour drive by Metro (distance around 55-60 km). Nevertheless, I go to this place quite often as this is a kind of recreational area for Shanghainese. Among the foreigners it’s rather unknown place.

After I arrived at Dishui Lake Metro Station, I was amused by the number of people around the lake and by the kites they were keeping, in meantime enjoying a BBQ time. This picture reminded me my first time I arrived at Dishui Lake with a little scare I won’t see any special attraction here.

The longer I’m coming here, the more attractions I’m finding. This time I decided to visit – at last – the Chinese Maritime Museum which is nearby the lake. The building of the museum is characteristic due to its feature and being similar to the Opera in Sydney, when watching this building from a distance. It’s around 10-15 minutes walk from the West Island (西岛, read: Xī dǎo).

I was always thinking of visiting the museum, but I always as well, I came there when the building was already closed for visitors. Now it was different. As at first I went directly to the Museum, I could entrance it. And it was at point to achieve the Museum! Maybe I’m not the huge lover of Maritime topic and I’m neither sailing nor doing any activities connected to Maritime all the time. However, I have a huge love to meet with knowledge, technology systems – from the ancient times till nowadays.

It’s enough to me to spend 2 hours in a such museum, which made a great impression to me! Perhaps it was the first time I could see the big geological map of the Earth which includes as continental so ocean base map! The all picture, or rather sculpture in case of this map, it made a such impression to me I wouldn’t expect it can! Not mentioning a hundreds of ships inside, mostly the smaller model like 1:100 or smaller, and also some models 1:1! The first what I’ve seen entrancing the museum was a huge ship that looks like the Noah’s Arc, of course in a Chinese style.

Then a thousand of pictures, a models of ships I mentioned before, and a manufacture of the ship models! For a such guy as me it’s heaven! If I didn’t care about the time as in meantime I was recording videos for a vlog from the Dishui area, I’d stay here as long as the museum is opened. Nevertheless I knew that I’ll be back and also I felt a huge excitement when I was recording a snapshots from my visit, even if I didn’t considered to include it in vlog. But the impression was stronger than me.

The feeling of Dishui Lake achieved a higher level after visiting the Maritime Museum. Then after the visit, I arrived at the West Island, where I could enjoy people holding kites, BBQ-ing, laughing, doing sport activities like: archery, sailing, rowing, cycling, or just resting in tents! What a piece of mind I experienced again at Dishui Lake.

I can’t remember now if I wrote in the last writing what will be following, but what I like in Dishui Lake is a specific atmosphere of this place. Not because most of visitors are Shanghainese and those specially who speak “上海话” (read: Shànghǎi huà, EN: Shanghainese), are at this place; but the amount of people which I can say it’s in thousands, it doesn’t create a chaotic atmosphere or hubbub. What’s actually strange, specially in Chinese people case, as they usually when they’re in bigger group, they are so noisy and sometimes you can’t stand them – such a paradox that they’re normally peaceful and calm.

Here, I couldn’t say that anytime I came here I couldn’t relax. All the time I come here or if Dishui area is crowded or there’s no one, all the time I can relax here. This is what makes place a special to me among places in Shanghai.

In time of the Sunset, I left Dishui Lake to come back home not too late. Another day of joy, another one I’d experience Dishui Lake within “a new” attraction that’s visited – China Maritime Museum – and another day I’d include in my list of “A Day of the Happiness in Shanghai”.

One thing makes me wonder, if some of you – my dear readers – are the travelers or a person who consider to visit Shanghai. If yes, then I’d be happy to share with you a charm of Dishui Lake or personally or just knowing if you enjoyed the place as I did, if you’ll visit at once. Maybe it’s quite far from Shanghai’s Downtown, but if you’ve a time and you’re already in Shanghai, it’s worth to spend one day for a visit at Dishui Lake. Maybe I’m just writing it only for myself. I don’t know.

Now, I end this writing at this point, with a question: have you got a peace of mind right now? If yes, good, it means that maybe you’re resting right now and enjoying your life. If not, when was the last time when you let yourself to have a rest, to reset? Are you not too busy in your life? If yes, are you able to find even a day, an hour to restart your mind?

Such a questions are coming to me, specially at Dishui Lake.

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