31. Be Happy

Wednesday afternoon, Shanghai Downtown. I was there in propose to watch kites kept by classmates who arranged a group kite. It was set in the morning, so I planned – and I did – cycle ride till place nearby Century Park.

Unexpectedly, when I arrived, I found a cozy place to have an outdoor lunch. It was so nice I just wanted to have a dish. Nice weather, hot sunny day, a little bit wind. Nothing better in a spring day. I arrived at Korean BBQ restaurant. I discovered it after I gave myself a pleasure enjoying Hawaiian pizza I missed so much. It’s something I just ordered. Nevertheless, the place itself and the atmosphere counts.

It was something I wouldn’t thought I’d experience so much. Adele’s songs, then some BTS one and again western music and again K-Pop… It made a greater impression when I contrasted music with a sound of singing birds and a whistle of the wind.

The time passed so fast I missed kites. It was around 3pm when I ended my meal. But I can see kites quite often, hence nothing lost. When I was at Park side of the Century Avenue, I was passing through the group of children aged 10-13. Girls and boys, I don’t know how many of them. The most surprising thing was that they just asked me “how are you” and told “Welcome to Shanghai”. I replied them “I’m fine” and “Thank you for welcome, but I’m living here”. They were surprised as I replied in Chinese. After a while one of girl told me “keep smiling and be happy, bye bye”.

I was shocked! Even speechless! I didn’t knew why I heard such a words after enjoying a lunch, but it gave me a wonder and question to share, well: do we really smile and enjoy our life? It’s only we think we enjoy our life or maybe we hide somehow our emotions and then it came out even if we don’t know it, because we feel – or guess we do it – happiness?

After few minutes of consternation I unlocked a bike and rode back home.

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