33. Suzhou

Labors Day long weekend. Suzhou Old Town. On Saturday afternoon I arrived at Suzhou, the city next to Shanghai. I came here to see again after years the Venice of East. I was influenced by the picture of Suzhou I have seen at posters in Shanghai. A big city, almost like Shanghai. Couldn’t understand why and how Suzhou has changed that much!

After check-in in the hotel I directly went for a city sightseeing to memorize places I visited at once a few years ago. I went to Qilishan, Webmaster Garden, Tiger Hill and other places I wanted to see. It was a sunny time, hot and windy weather.

Old-style buildings of Qilishan I could watched day and night. It was so funny to me when I walked around Qilishan that this place seemed to be the all Suzhou, like the city is so old and a little bit looking like poor. I was surprised how my memorizing and imagining Suzhou was quite wrong when I’ve seen a high buildings in a background. What the perspective of watching something and the age means. And yet, what a day tour means as well! Recently I was in Suzhou just for a day. Now I had three days to explore the city.

I really liked the atmosphere of “Gusu” (a general name for an Old Town of Suzhou). Narrow channels, Chinese style decorations, a smell of Street Food and other, that’s something what is similar with Shanghai for now, but here a distinguished climate is made by city itself.

After watching “old places” I went to a new one. The most impressive place was the Moon Bay. An area placed upon Dushu Lake with a great panoramic view from its pavement which followed the lakeshore. From a distance I saw a cathedral which was located nearby the lake in the park called Egret Garden. It was nice to me to see that place as from here it was the best position to enjoy the Lake landscape at all!

Three days passed quite fast, nevertheless in joy and a pleasure. Just getting to another city was an attraction itself. Moreover, both way I used a GKC Train (Guójiā Kuài Chē) so I’d admire a Chinese fast train which let me achieve Shanghai just in 25 minutes. However, in European countries like Spain, France or Germany you can also drive fast (350 km/h), still it’s not like in China, where the whole country has a huge connections with a such train.

The way to Suzhou and the tour back let me feel like this trip was a kind of dream that suddenly happened and coming back to Shanghai was like waking up from a dream. It gave me a great enjoy and will to plan more a such journeys to see more China and it’s culture. It’s like reading a book, once you start and you like it, you read more. Isn’t it the same with traveling?


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