36. The June Rain – Spring Day

1st June. Thursday forenoon. Shanghai. Last week was so humidity that no one could stand it. General laziness, slow movements, nervous people in public transportation… Like such a situation could be often noticed by me, but it seemed to me that that time was specially made like this due to “boiling” as such a feeling could be felt by everyone who dared to go outside.

The last three days were even more crazy, because once it was chill once it was stuffy. At last today, the rain that falls from the morning suddenly changed everything. And yes, people were anxious because of heavy rain, even some of them seemed to be extremely unhappy. What a paradoxical moment? What have I observed? Were not people mad because of high humidity?

Me myself, in this case I felt released, as I expected the rain to fall from four/five days before as it was shown in the weather forecast. In mean time I was listening to the song titled “Spring Day” that was playing in the background in my cellphone from my music playlist called “KM Fm”. It’s funny, as somehow because of that song such a wonder came to me about the last days and the falling heavy rain: Isn’t it our human nature that sometimes we “boil” inside, make some cases “too hot” that we get anger and anger having no results? And then, even if the result appears, we’re unhappy, because it’s something we didn’t willed?

Personally I willed to have a rainy day, as I couldn’t enjoy my trips so much due to sweatiness. The rain gave me freshness I needed to feel, because sometimes I felt weak, unable to go somewhere as each step happened I sweated. The same I have when I hold some feelings inside and have no chilling time to refresh myself. Then I feel pretty the same like during the hot and humidity day.

However, sometimes it’s compulsory to have such a feeling, then we’re able to see our weaknesses, in which part of our life we change our mind, behavior, mood, whatever… Moreover, such a situation let us/let me work on patience. I guess most of us loose a self-control while boiling, sweating.

What make us/makes you need to refresh? In which situation do you know/notice that it’s too hot that you may suddenly explode as inside so outside. Have you got your own “June’s Rain”?

Yet, what I found it’s funny, that normally we – at least in Poland – are talking about the May Rain, when we have first hot days, storms that chill these days, etc. Here’s a point I want to leave as a conclusion: June repeat the situation. We should be already experienced by the hot days that are in May. These are the first Spring Days that are really hot, even unbearable, then we enjoy the storm and the fresh wind and smell in the air.

So, why sometimes we repeat the situation again? Can’t we predict our feelings as we predict the weather? If yes, can we survive another humid days as usually we live?

“Spring Day” by BTS (빙틴소년단)

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