37. Home, Sweet Home!

Wednesday/Thursday night, Pudong International Airport, Shanghai. I started to implement my plan I made 3 months ago with a help of my friend (from Poland). The plan covers four-days “Surprise Trip” to Poland. What’s the major reason? Just to surprise my family and friends with my present at time they at least would guess I’d come to Poland.

In four weeks ahead the summer holiday begins. However, due to the private reason and because of will to be in Homeland a bit earlier, the idea came out from it.

I could write here right now what I’ve experienced e.g. during the flight to Poland, in Mortherland itself, etc. Nevertheless, there’s one thing I’d like to highlight. It is the moment, when you see the World as something better the same discrediting Homeland. There could be thousand reasons – those right one as well – to say “My country is worse, because of this, that, whatever…”.

Once you’re living abroad you can say you’re right. I did it and sometimes still do. However, my family, good friend and other near and dear people kept me in feeling to love/accept country you originally came from.

I’ve got to admit this journey, very short one, just 5 days stay, gave me such an amount of happiness, proud – local patriotism- and more and more, it’s the real first time I came back to Poland with a good setting.

I was a little bit tired with things in China, people, university… Before the journey to Poland I counted each single day down to visit My Home, Sweet Home. Ok, it’s not perfect, I can demand a lot of changes, improvements as at home so in Poland in general.

But hey, you just arrive at Moscow and every single Russian girl – even “the ugly” one seems to be goddess comparing to what you’ve in China. Poland the same! Not mentioning THE FOOD!

– Kotlet schabowy (Wiener Schnitzel) with Mizeria Salad
– Rosół (Chicken Soup)
– Bigos (Sour-cabbage)
– Duszonki (Hot-stone potatoes)
Just Polish/European cuisine!

Ok, in Shanghai I can imitate or the “European (Chinese)” restaurant can do it, to serve a Polish/an European here. But nothing taste better than mommy/granny cuisine!
This and other home values I appreciate more and more. I guess you, dear reader – who may be live somewhere abroad – to do the same.

Living abroad, I learned: not to be shy of my nationality and to thank for each time I can stay in Poland. Yes, may be I don’t know if I’d live in Poland or other place in the world, nonetheless, I like to have a feeling “no matter where will I be in the world, I have a place to come back and it’s as good as other places or even more, much better, cause this is place I’d call home. Have you got your place, you can ALWAYS call your home?


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