39.Unexpected Post

Thursday afternoon, Shanghai. I’m resting after the Reading&Writing exam. Humid weather make me lazy. From outdoor activities I went only to eat lunch at 老妈妈(LaoMama) and buy a cold tea from 1点点.

After I came back home, I laid down on the bed and switched on air-condition as even I couldn’t breathe it’s too humid! My laziness couldn’t let me focus on repetition for tomorrow Memorizing (看图说话) exam, so – as sometimes it happens to me – I stated to scroll down posts on Facebook. It took me a while to go down through uncountable posts with pics from series “Let’s start holiday” or “My travel to…” to see something else.

And suddenly I saw a picture of place I know very well! Bled Lake! I watch who posted the picture and I see it’s one of sponsored pages! Suddenly my heart started to beat faster and faster and my mind started to scream “AT LAST SOMEONE APPRECIATED THE MAGNIFICENT VIEW AT BLED LAKE!”. You may laugh, but I really love this place and almost no one know where is it and what this small town serves!

It’s my paradise to see how people share awesome/love comments about the view and ask where is it. Yet, I’m the more happy to know such a unique town with the great history and gorgeous landscape! Someone can tell me: “It’s just another Lake and another Alpian town”. Nevertheless, I can surely say, once you’ve visited the city of Bled, you’ll love this place!

Ok, as a Traveller I’d say there are more places like Bled Lake and so on, however, I can’t explain what makes me feeling love to Bled! This is one of those places in the world I drive like year by year and still can be deeply touched by the nature and everything around!

It’s amazing I found this post unexpectedly. Moreover, it’s great to me to share this place right now with you my dear readers, as maybe I’ll inspire you to go there. Why? I won’t write. Experience Bled yourself!

All the time I close my eyes and imagine myself being in Bled, I can really feel the feeling I have during rowing around the lake, while drinking cafe/tea at Bled Island, while climbing Mala Osojnica, or cycling around the lake coastline! All the beautiful nights, day-tours!

It’s funny when you’ve seen a little bit more places in the world and afterward it seems/it might seem to other that you maybe don’t know “more beautiful” places. I can agree. No queries, we all have our own taste of beauty. Even me myself, I couldn’t agree with what I write since the more I seem to like much more big city life – for instance: regarding that how well I feel in Shanghai – or just in general in bigger cities.

Nonetheless, there’s nothing much better than nature. Mountains. Water. This two natural details makes Bled my dream-place and the place I can visit again and again! Since now I can’t wait to visit Bled! I don’t know when it’ll be, however the post inspired me to think about it and maybe to share with you the knowledge/awareness about this place!

Have you got a place in the world which is special to you? Where – beside your Homeland/Hometown – you may/can come back and back again?

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