41. The Polish Charm

1st August. In the recent ten days I’ve made a round trip around Poland. It was my the second such a drive, where the first one I’ve made around the Eastern and Northern part of Poland visiting places like: Bieszczady Mountains, City of Zamość, Kruszyniany Village, Masurian Lakeland, etc.

The second trip I made driving through the Southern and Western part of Poland, visiting castles in: Moszna, Kopice, Sulisław (today used as the SPA Resort) and Czocha (Tzschocha); churches in: Wambirzyce, Świdnica and Jawor (the Church of Peace) and in Karpacz (Wang Chapel).

In meantime I rested in nature as well, hiking at Mount Śnieżka, walking around the Colorful Ponds nearby the city of Kamienna Góra, visiting the Muskau Park in Łęknica and staying two days upon the Stryczkowo Lake nearby the city of Poznań.

Why do I write the names of places I’ve visited? Because all of them has that something! Castles in Poland, specially those in Lesser Silesia Voivodship, are comparable – or maybe better than – to castles from Loire Valley, which are known worldwide. The landscape of Poland from the Sudety Mountains to the Greater Poland Lakeland is just amazing! In a quite close distance you drive from Mount Śnieżka to the Lakes near the city of Wschowa…

When I contrast all places I’ve visited in Eastern and Western part of Poland, when I compare all the cities, towns and villages to those e.g. in Germany or France; I can say I’m proud of my country. Not only because of the patriotic reason, just I see how much the country is different from what I have imagined before I made these round trips.

The most I’m proud of the Western part of Poland, which due to the historical reason is more developed than the Eastern Poland and serve more attractions. However, I also like this poorer but full of cultural contrast and it’s wealth Eastern Poland (a lot of minorities lives in the East part of Poland).

While analyzing all the kilometers I’ve driven through the Polish roads and motorways, here again I can be proud of my country how it’s developed comparing to the last 5-10 years and how much it’s still developing with the traffic infrastructure.

Many of places I’ve visited before, specially those near the Center of Poland from Poznań to Warsaw and from Kraków to Gdańsk, nevertheless it’s now when I’ve visited the most distanced parts of Poland.

As cities are modernizing so villages becomes to be modern and modern, specially with the equipment used at rural areas! Again, I can compare the Polish cities and villages to the Danish, French or Austrian one!

It’s fantastic feeling after I’ve seen the all parts of Poland how great is my country in differentiation of landscape and how many attractions you can find near each other!

One thing that delights me all the time is how much I didn’t knew about Poland in times before the round trips and how small the country was to me comparing to other Western European countries. One thing I know it’s incomparable to set Poland and France or Poland and Italy. All of the countries serve something it’s special to them.

What’s special in Poland I can’t see in other countries? It’s openness and a kind of hospitality I rather can’t see in other countries. It’s cultural/religious mixture, specially in Eastern Poland and still they are distinguished among each other. Not mentioning the Polish cuisine which because of the historical reason and because of the number of minorities in Poland is differentiated: from the Tatar cuisine in Northeastern Poland through “Galician cuisine” in Southern Poland to the Kaszubian cuisine in Northern Poland. The are more and more local cuisines which in total creates the Polish cuisine!

I’d mention right now the most common dishes in Poland, however that person who at once visited Poland, knows how great and tasty is the Polish dish!

I’d write in details about all experiences I’ve had in Poland, about all places I’ve visited, but I guess it could be a little bit long list and I guess the best is to see the Country personally!

This I wish to you, dear readers, and to me, to visit Poland (maybe again). At the end I’d like to highlight such a sentence, which was in my mind during the last trip: “Cudze chwalicie, swego nie znacie”. It’s the Polish sentence which literally means “you praise someone else’s (place, country, etc.), don’t knowing your own (place, country, etc.)!

Have you got some moments of your life you can say you did you praised someone’s country don’t knowing what your country is like? I did it, therefore I end this writing with a such question to a such sentence as above.

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