42. Little Vienna

Monday morning, Old Town, Bielsko-Biała. It’s a month since I came back to Poland for summer holiday. This is the first time I have a chance to have a walk around the city. I aimed to visit Old Town as from the pictures on Facebook and from the videos on YouTube and other pages I saw that Bielsko has changed in time I’m abroad.

These are “small details”, however, notified one! The most of things I won’t describe as the City change in the way I’d write and write about pages. Here I’d like to leave a short message with the picture taken at Hill Street (ulica Wzgórze).

Here I captured one of tens outdoors bars that are around the Old Square. The more favor I have with a picture as yet two, three years back these places were empty during holiday time and most of building were or before reconstruction or while being reconstructed or waiting for coming reconstruction…

Yet a bigger favor I’ve due to historical aspects, I mean, Bielsko is used to be called locally “Little Vienna” as many of buildings are designed by the same architectures who planned and constructed in the City of Vienna in Austria.

I dare say I used to walk sad around Bielsko watching how much the city and its old town lost its magic, it’s charm after years of lack of budget to take care of the old estates. As I read on the Polish websites about Bielsko, many times I saw articles that some little entrepreneurs bought the estates for their own, reconstructing them and creating places which again – after years – became worth to be visited. A lot of small cafes, bars, restaurants and hotels/apartments are at present around the Old Square and all Old Town!

People started to invest in a smart way and creating great things with a lovely details which were made in a simple, modern, but elegant way, still having post-Galician character of the origin!

Once I dreamed to see Bielsko and it’s squares – not only the Old Square – in the same way I’ve seen in French, Austrian or German cities/towns. My dream came true and still seems to come more and more I come back my Hometown!

Well, we’ll see or rather I’ll see how it’ll go forward. Little Vienna seems to become similar to its bigger equivalent. And you, my reader, how do you regard your home town? What’s charming you or what had changed (for better) that you’d be proud of?

Now, after few hours of walk – I give myself a pleasure sitting on one of these tables watching people sitting around me or just crossing the Old Square.

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