43. Life Journey! From the Andes to the French Polynesia

8th August, Tuesday, Chopin International Airport, Warsaw. Me and 10 others people are gathering at Check-In point. Our holiday aim are Central Chile and the French Polynesia. We start our journey in Santiago de Chile to where we fly through London. This is the longest flight I’ve taken in one time – 14 hours of flight from London to Santiago. At place we’re visiting the city of Santiago, Valle Nevado and the coast cities of Chile: Valparaiso and Viña del Mar.

Then after 5 days in Chile we fly to the Eastern Island called locally RAPA NUI which means “The Big Triangle”. There we stay for two days exploring places with famous MOAI monuments. Then from the Eastern Island we fly to the French Polynesia, where we stay for the rest of journey and visit the following islands: Tahiti (for one day), Moorea and Bora-Bora (each islands for three days).

In meantime of travel I’ve experienced 4 seasons: Spring/Autumn, Summer and Winter in Chile and Summer at French Polynesia! The journey itself was very interesting, including a lot of breathtaking landscapes, wonderful sightseeing places and unforgettable moments! Yet the journey were made fantastic by people in group…!

What impressed me the most? The landscape! From the Andes to the French Polynesia! Each inch of the nature was so astonishing, I’d take and take a pictures! However, due to the distance from home I spent more time on observation and meditation about the place. Each one made a huge impression that’s worth to share!

What do I memorize the best? There are three situations I’ll memorize well:
– Watching the Andes in Valle Nevado
– Stay at Moorea Island => swimming with sharks and sting-rays in the ocean
– Cycling on Bora-Bora
This last one I’ll memorize specially as it’s one of my “achievements” on this journey. It’s so important to me as probably it was my the only chance in life I’d cycle on Bora-Bora and cycle in a such unique place as the French Polynesia is due to the distance from home, from Europe!

It was the most remote journey I’ve ever had. The furthest distance was 16.400 km (10.250 mi) in a straight line from home! The French Polynesia is the furthest place from Poland where you can go for a trip! That’s why I treat and will treat it as my life journey.

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