44. Time to say goodbye

24th September. Sunday morning. Pudong International Airport, Shanghai. It’s my another time I host someone from close friends/family in Shanghai. Again I welcome my friend for some time. And again after amazing days spent with each other became a time to say goodbye.

For me, if I really like someone, it’s one of the most difficult things to pass through. Of course, it was not different this time. After two weeks I had to leave my friend at the airport. Nothing special, however, there’s a perspective that make wonder: if I were somewhere close to my origin home, would the time to say goodbye be as difficult as it’s here in Shanghai, in China?

Maybe it’s also that I’m a little bit sensitive person and I’m pro-familiar and that makes me feeling bad when I have to leave someone knowing that person come backs home…

In meantime of the last minutes I spend with a guest at the airport I use to say myself: “stay here as long as possible and as it’s necessary.” Nevertheless, there’s a limit that still I learn not to pass, because sometimes I’d just get into the main luggage or just to buy “last-minute” ticket to get back with my guest, but rationally thinking it’s quite odd and having no sense.

At the moment when I have to definitely say goodbye, I just tell myself: you have to survive the hell of longing and loneliness. You can skip these feelings if you only let the time pass away. Regarding the distance, if only you’re in a similar situation, all you need is patience and good will!

Now it’s one our ago I said goodbye to my guest. On the way back home via Metro, I’m sitting among people where I stayed and just think about good memories from previous hosting. Yet, very soon I’m going to have another guests, it helps me to be stronger.

Every time I leave someone, I say strong “see you again, see you soon” and with a firm tighten fist I go away. So good nowadays we can be in touch through the social media, at least you may not long that strong as if you wouldn’t be in touch or you have to send a letter…

With a such thought I leave the train and get out of Station continuing my everyday life.

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