46. A coin for Good-Luck

Thursday afternoon, Caolu Town, Shanghai. As an introduction to this writing I want to write that the recent time was a little bit difficult to me as it’s since last three weeks. What was written in the writing “Time to say Goodbye” and “Stay Alive” is still present in my mind.

However, in meantime I saw some repeatable happenings that influenced my thoughts to being changed each time. It is something that made an impression to me as somehow I found out a clue I want to share specially with people who suffer a real loneliness!

When I’m thinking about my situation after staying alone in China and after hundreds thoughts through how to struggle with my own emotions, I thought about those one who can’t even be in touch with their own family or friends, because they live in a very remote location and maybe has no chance to communicate by the Social Media or other ways.

One thing I’m not sure, if these thoughts through or rather the last delight is something that may apply to most of those people, maybe to You, nevertheless here’s a way to build up your “miserable” situation and to set up your mind to a positive thinking.

I’ve had many options to mention how I guess people can struggle with their loneliness or unhappiness, but I have a clue message from a certain situation I passed through few times.

Well, let’s say you’re searching for happiness in your life. Let the situation be like you’re far away from your home – even if not really, at least in your head – and you have hopeless situation because you’re not satisfied with what you get from everyday life. There’s a clue I hope somehow will works to you or just may guide you to find your own way to be happy or more happy than you may be now!

To the point: in my thoughts through I saw that a situation like finding a small coin on the street is like finding a small happiness somewhere in your life. A coin for Good-Luck. I did I picked up like 8 small coins of 1 mao (Chinese currency). Each of them I found in time I was really sad because of loneliness or just have immersed myself in a deep thoughts through. As it’s repeated each time and always changed my mind for a positive thinking – as always I was searching for a sign to focus on a bright side of life. Always whenever I tried to get better set of my mind I found a coin.

This helped me to reflect my wonders into a hint I share with you and a clue sentence to it: No matter how bad is your life situation, how much lonely you feel yourself or whatever you passing through, ALWAYS try to collect a coin for the street, in this meaning, try to find the smallest happiness in your day. In spite of loneliness just do it and collect it!

And like a thousand coins saved in a jar, save each happy moment in your memories. Then I promise you, your life will be as wealth as is a man who gathered thousand coins. It can last even years, but NEVER give up! I hope you can find at least one or three coins a day!

I hope the message is clear and You, We can do something to make our life better, brighter, happier. It’s not a silly telling or coaching. It’s the reality that happens to many of us, that’s why I write such a writing. If you only have a similar feelings like I do, I think you’ll understand what to do.

And to those who already have a lot of happiness in your life – it’s also to me – share it with those who – as you guess – need it, need a spark that may burn someone up to live the life better! Be a coin on the street or guide someone to find such a coin or just – in the extreme situation – command to do it!

I’m sitting at the bench with the coin I found just an hour ago and watch across it the reflection of the last few weeks. I don’t know how many coins will I find later on, but I watch the certain one you can see at picture I share within this writing. In this coin I leave all my thoughts through and I hope you’ll leave your ones as well! Have a Good Luck and enjoy your day!

Post Scriptum: if you want to get better, memorize these words from the last writing and this one:

a) “Me, when I was missing or I miss something/someone, I just turn this feeling into a positive case being happy that I have a chance to miss and how big happiness I’ll have when I’ll come back home soon or I’ll meet someone!”

b) “Do whatever just to stay alive”

c) “Finding a small happiness (in Your everyday life) is like finding a small coin on the street. If you won’t stare beneath your feet, if you won’t stare at every happening around you, you won’t find a coin, your small happiness. If you find it, collect it, save it. It might be used someday, somewhere…”!

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