47. Evening cycling

18th November. Saturday afternoon, 5 o’clock, Grand Hotel Kempinski, Shanghai. I was after a dinner, which made me thoughtful about some activities. I was walking around the Hotel area sipping a cup of tea. Oolong tea. In my eating habit at least once a day I need something warm to eat like soup or to drink like tea. It always makes me feel good.

Yet, what’s more makes me feel better is cycling or walking. As the weather was perfect to stay outdoor, I took MObike and drove in direction to the closest ferry doc. Shanghai ferry, a kind of city public transportation that gives additional pleasure from outdoor activities. It just let you enjoy going from the East bank of Huangpu River to the West one, no matter if you’re on foot or you drive motorcycle or bicycle.

Without special setting of route, I just drove ahead, wherever I thought to go. And this way, from Tilanqiao Ferry I drove across Joy City at Qufu Road, then continued my route from there along Tianmu Road, Changshou Road, Jiangsu Road, Fuxing Road and Sichuan Road and finally arrived at north side of the Bund.

At total I drove around 22 kilometers. Nothing special to me, in Shanghai’s situation – where I consider at most that the city is almost flat – I do more kilometers. Nevertheless it was the best 22 kilometers EVER! That’s one of reason I mentioned the names of roads I was cycling along.

After above a month of silence, I’ve at last found something that impressed me so much I can share. And this is a thought that was digging through my mind along time I was cycling.

At first, I’ve cycled along places I have already known because I’ve been there or just passed there. Specially the French and British Concession they include inter alia the Bund and Fuxing Road; is well known to me and is frequently visited. However, just because I’ve cycled there in the evening, I experienced a new feeling that with a thought from my mind, it is appreciation for living in Shanghai, gave me an impression I needed!

The second, this academic year is very different from the last one. Not going into details, I just haven’t had any idea what would impress me so much, I’d share with you. Nevertheless, the thought, this appreciation of Shanghai and of that I’m living/studying here, this is what came out at all as during so after the cycling.

Moreover, I passed through all my activities I’ve done and I’m processing to do, I compressed it into this evening cycling, the one that is unrepeatable. Can’t even write why. But with this unknown source of today’s impression I leave you with it. Take a look at your life and ask yourself whether sometimes you have a similar situation that in your everyday life even in routines you may find something that will make you proud of yourself, your life situation, maybe of place you live…

Right now I record a time lapse video at arrival place, the rooftop of the Huangpu Skybar. I take some deep breaths and relax after exhaustive but pleasant cycling and thoughts through.

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