48. Gutang Road Sation, Line 9

25th December. Monday morning, Caolu Town, Shanghai. I woke up fresh after amazing Polish Christmas Eve dinner and International Shepherd Mass. Yesterday on the way back I admired how much thankful was I even I don’t know for what.

After breakfast I went out to have a walk. I directed myself to Baolong Square to see how it goes with Metro as I’m counting down the days it’ll be opened to be used!

I arrived at exit 4 and couldn’t believe my eyes. The gate was OPENED! I saw some people going down and I did the same. Luckily I cared with me a hand bag, where I keep my stuffs including transportation card!

I went downstairs I couldn’t believe my eyes: the Station was really opened! I passed through the check control and went down to the platforms. There were around twenty people waiting for the Metro in direction to Songjiang South Railway Station! The train was planned to arrive in one minute!

It’s 9 o’clock. I enter the train and with a huge smile I leave Gutang Road Station. As in my plans I wanted to go for a Christmas Mass, I stopped at Taierzhuang Road Station from where I was waiting a while for bus 995路. It took me ONLY 7 MINUTES to reach this station, whereas by bus it’d take around 20-30 minuets to arrive here!

One thought came to my mind. THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST GIFTS I would get from fate here in Shanghai. I mean, I was waiting for this moment for over a year! I know that people, specially those who live around the terminal station, it’s Caolu Station; they’re waiting longer.

However, me as person who really like to hang out in the city center and spend a lot of time there, specially in French Concession or just somewhere in Puxi (the west bank of Huangpu River). This one and half year of torment – because of awaiting for a day the Line 9 will be opened in my area – just passed away within my great happiness after first time of using the Metro!

It was like awaiting for a child that you can’t have for a long time or you already have one, but the construction – growing up – lasts too long to you, so sometimes you get really tired. I don’t know why, but a such comparison just came to my mind. Maybe because sometimes you know how great it will be to have grown up child and you know his/hers possibilities…

It was like I knew already what will be like to use Line 9 besides Line 12, which was quite inconvenient as you needed to take a bus to reach Jinhai Road Station. Now I can just go on foot to Gutang Road Station and it takes me only 7 minuets to get into the station! And now I approved my predictions and feelings. It’s really convinient!

I’d complain about that the Metro should be opened a year before – as it was scheduled – nevertheless I appreciate the fact that at least for this last six months I may go to the city center with a pleasure and with awareness “it’s closer” to me.

Such a question came to my mind: what Shanghai will be like in 10 years – for example? What it’ll be like here, when I’ll arrive by plain at Pudong International Airport? How much the metro system will be changed in this period of time?

I guess such a question came to me as I already know from the Internet how Shanghai Metro is going to looks like in around 2025. And I hope it’ll come true. Then I’d explore again new places in Shanghai, if the only time and God will let me to do it. This is my small wish.

What are your dreams about? What are you waiting for such a long time? Did you already made your dream came true? Or something made it? If not, if only still you’re waiting for something that would change your life, would simplify it, even for a while, WAIT FOR IT! The time your wish won’t be wish no more will be your treasure, will repair all your stresses, longings, whatever trapped you in your life because of the awaiting.

Patience. Never give up. This is my wish to you, my dear reader, in this Christmas and New Year! Enjoy your time, as now I do at Tianzifang. It’s 2 o’clock, afternoon. My last day in Shanghai in this year 2017. I’m leaving tomorrow for a week. To celebrate New Year. Where? This in the next episode. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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