49. Korean Experience

Tuesday morning. Incheon International Airport. Incheon City. It’s second day of New Year. One week stay in Korea just passed. It was my Christmas and New Year holiday here.

I stayed in Myeongdong, where was my base. I aimed to visit most important places in Seoul and around and I wanted to have a rest from Chinese loudness, chaos and everything that annoyed me. Yet I wanted to have a Korean Experience with K-Pop, culture and all I imagined, knew and heard about the country.

A lot of people told me I’ll really like this country as it’s different from what’s in China and even different what’s in Japan!

And I did it! I think I experienced Korea the best I could in just one week. Besides that I was in heaven with ubiquitous K-Pop – at least in Seoul and area; I was touched the food, places and culture as well!

In this seven days, I managed to visit such places like:

– Namsan, I had just 5 minutes walk to the Cable-Cabin Station;

– Myeongdong Market, I visited this place everyday as I had 5 minutes walk there and it was my main point of area I stayed in;

– Bukhasan National Park with mount Baegundae (백운대), I climbed there once and would do it again if only I’ll be again in Seoul;

– Iryeong Station (일영역) where the shot for beginning of videoclip to song “Spring Day” was taken – I was there just in year after the filming! (in the [videoclip] it’s just the first scene);

– Ungilsan and Yangsu (운길산 & 양스), settlements where North Han River meets with South Han River;

– and I wouldn’t forget to mention Gangnam District; which with it’s location of higher buildings on hills and upon the mountains, it makes a great impression!

There were many places in Seoul I really liked and I hope to see them and more in the future! Now, sitting at Café with baguette, sandwich and café Americano; I memorize all places I’ve visited and all people I met. The first general impression from my Korean Experience I want to share is how safety is here! Ok, Shanghai is safety too; however, here you may leave or loose your laptop, bag, and so on, and still you can find it in the same place! I did I left my handbag at metro station and I came back there in 20 minutes and the bag and all equipment was there!

At second, Seoul itself is very clean, even if there’re some little trashes or cans on markets road, still the whole city is in general cleanse! Moreover, people are not noisy, disturbing and annoying like I’d compare what I’ve in China! There are no motorcycles at all, drivers who beep like crazy, etc. Just like in civilized society like Europe!

Yet, I really liked the culture aspect as people I met, they told me something about the Korean savior-vivre, traditions and stuff like these. It was this way strange to me, that non Chinese told me in half year or even one how they really behave and why they are doing many things that are JUST disgusting!

Now it’s 2,5 hours from time I started to write this writing. I arrived save and sound in Shanghai and already could experience all these things that are typical to Chinese. Actually the fact I can use Line 9 to go directly to my place and the fact that Immigration Control and all this procedure went quite fast, it let me feel better.

Nevertheless, I’m thinking of Korea and how well I spent my holiday there and with all good memories, pictures and videos and with a huge smile – in spite of missing feeling – I’m arriving at my place.

At the end, I wish all of you Happy New Year. Let this 2018 be full of happiness and inspirations to live the life at all! I take my Korean Experience and the trip as my first great achievement for this year – it was my the first trip I planned, organized and paid by myself!


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