50. 50 facts and curiosities about me

3rd January. New Year is – as I mentioned in the previous writing- a time when we aim some goals to achieve them in the coming year. There are many plans, wishes, things to do; we hope to get them as soon as possible to feel we passed our mission. However, we rarely look back at our achievements and don’t appreciate who we were and are until this time!

Sometimes, if the only we’d list our 10, 20, 50 or maybe 100 goals we achieved by ourselves or thanks someone else’s help, we can measure: at first, our abilities and life situation; at second: how many things should we correct and improve in our life if we failed something; and at third: all opportunities we have right now to go up to the goal to get another point in our check-list of achievements.

It’s my 50th writing. In this case I thought to disclose you 50 facts and curiosities about me. These facts will be just some elementary informations about me; but within them I want to list also what in my opinion is my achievement, either got by myself or with someone’s help. With this list I want to make you wonder, whether you’d mention some number of curiosities about yourself, would list your own achievements, no matter how you got it.

Well, to the point:

1. My name is Kordian Moskala.
2. I was born and grown up in Bielsko-Biała, Silesia, Poland.
3. I have a younger sister with whom I’m in very good relationship.
4. I always was independent person and wanted to be businessman, freelancer.
5. I was born and grown up in a Roman Catholic family, but only in 2015 I started a real faith practice thanks Fr. Adam Szustak OP.
6. My first time I learned first words in English was when I was 3 year old.
7. Until now I learned at least elementary words or/and sentence of 9 languages, including: Spanish, French, German, Danish, Russian and Slovenian.
8. I can speak fluently Polish and English.
9. I’m learning Chinese and I can use this language in basic communication.
10. My first place I went abroad with my family was Mallorca, Spain, it was in 2000.
11. Until now I’ve been in 64 countries.
12. The furthest trip was to the French Polynesia, in the last year.
13. My grandpa always learned me geography at home. When I was 5 year old, I could already memorize almost all countries with its capital cities and could match the flag of the country to the name.
14. Since I remember, I always liked to draw a map, imagined one or real one.
15. When I was 10, I won the European Art Competition – called “Bohunova Paleta” – of Watercolors in group juniors aged 5-12.
16. I can play the piano. I had my first lecture in age of 8.
17. I composed my first song in October 2016, it’s title is “Guilin Song”.
18. My favorite music to play is neoclassical, where my favorite composer – who’s music I like to play – is Ludovico Einaudi.
19. I always like to swim and to have a water activities. When I was 2, I jumped to the deep pool. Luckily my dad helped me to get out the water and from this moment learned me to swim.
20. From sport activities I like: cycling, walking, swimming, skiing and sledging.
21. Occasionally I like to play Volleyball and Handball.
22. I learned to cycle when I was 6 year old.
23. I always liked to drive the car. The first time I “tried” to drive myself was when I was just 4 year old.
24. My father always looked after me with driving and he took care of my interest.
25. I passed driving exam for the second time. My first car was Skoda Fabia, which I bought in half from my money.
26. In age of 16 I told my parents I will study in Shanghai, what came true after 5 years.
27. My idea to study in China came within a trip around this country I made with my family in 2011.
28. When I was 4, I was able to use camera and to record video myself. The first camera I borrowed to use from my father was Panasonic NV-VX22EN.
29. In the same age I managed to take pictures. As with video camera so with photo camera I did the same I borrowed to use from my father and it was Kodak DCS 100.
30. I wrote my first short story in age of 8 and it was about a boy who travelled the world.
31. First time I noted down something like diary with Impressions to share was in my age of 11 when I was writing to my diary called “My Caribbean Dream” which included my impressions from trip to the Dominican Republic.
32. I opened my first YouTube channel in 2010.
33. My first video was titled “Budapest 2011 – Hungarian Music” and was watched by 8.132 viewers.
34. Until age of 18 I completed in 95% visits of new countries in Europe.
35. The most visited countries by me are: Austria, Slovenia, the Czech Republic and Germany.
36. I like to cook.
37. My one of favorite cuisines are Polish, Arabic and Indian.
38. I like to promote Polish value, cuisine and places.
39. This let me to be open for other people who promote their country and local places.
40. I belong to Google “Local Guide”.
41. I’ve posted hundreds of pictures on Google Maps.
42. Many of those pictures reached more than 1000 views.
43. I study Business Management.
44. I started my studies in city of Kolding in Denmark, from where I have a full-degree exchange in China.
45. Right now I study in Shanghai in Shanghai Finance University.
46. Last year I completed driving through all the stations of Shanghai Metro, which has 364 stations (data about numbers of stations from 30th June 2017) .
47. This let me feel free while guiding people around Shanghai.
48. Most visited places in Shanghai – by me – are: the French Concession (Tianzifang, Xintiandi and Fuxing Park), Jing’an District, Dishui Lake and Lujiazui.
49. On 15th September 2016 I an idea to write writings in series “Diary with a Hint of Impression” came to my mind spontaneously.
50. Using my previously gained skills, I started to write on my Facebook page – ORANGE JACK – to this Serie, which you can read – or reread – today.
51. As the last achievement or curiosity I will write – as appendix to the whole list – is that in previous month the local press called “Kronika Beskidzka”, which is sold in area of Bielsko-Biała area; was printing out on their pages my short feuilleton, where I was writing about my life in Shanghai.

The Editor in Chief of this local press wanted to show to people in my region how young people can achieve something in their life. It’s nothing about showing up. It’s about to be proud of my own achievements.

It was one of my goals in this year 2018, to write down some achievements, which are my strength. In total I found them and fulfilled with some facts to create this list of 50 facts and curiosities about me.

This is so important to write down your skills and everything that is positive about you in such a list. Then you’ll have a firm argument to prove you’re valuable and you are an achiever.

Also you may develop yourself much more thanks seeing what you’ve already gained, done in your life, where are you right now, etc.

I know it’s hard to list our achievements, because often we don’t know what are they or we worry to show up with them as we fear that people may take it as we’re searching for a special attention to our person.

Not really. If you only list your achievements, never be shy to show them to other, to tell about them. Of course don’t run around and scream out how good are you. Just have this list as a hardware in moment you will feel or might feel useless or rejected because of some weaknesses, even by yourself.

I hope this year will bring you, will bring us new opportunities, new chances to gain some new skills, new experiences, or maybe friendship, relationship, or whatever. This is my biggest wish to you, my reader. Keep going to find your own facts and curiosities!

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