51. Shanghai suburbs. Past and future.

Thursday afternoon. Tangzhen Town, Shanghai. It’s my the last week I’m in Shanghai before leaving for Winter Holiday. It’s quite cold. I dropped my friend to Pudong International Airport.

On the way back I took metro to Middle Chuangxin Road Station where I went out to take a random bus. I was curious to drive new ways around Tangzhen to see how actually the High-Tech area and new estates are replacing the old, village-like houses.

It was around 5 minuets after I get out of Station until I caught the bus 上川专线 (Shàngchuān Line). It’s one of these long-distance buses that goes from far suburbans of Pudong to city center. This one is going from Chuansha Town till area of People’s Square! Quite far!

I had such a funny situation that the driver of the bus was asking me like few times on which station do I get out. I chuckled a little bit and told at last the name of station…

From the metro station I started to use Endomondo to follow my route I drove from there to Jinqiao Town. Just wanted to notice where have I driven to “mark” another space in Shanghai I’ve visited or drove through.

Someone would ask for what am I visiting these places? Just to spend my time? Or maybe there’s any reason to do it so?

To be honest, as a traveler the place I visit is not my aim, just travel itself is the aim. Someone would say, you’re wasting your time. Really? No. At least I contribute my knowledge about places with new one and I can admire Shanghai how it grows up rapidly!

For me travel is like reading the book, if I don’t discover new places, do not make any trip, it’s like I wouldn’t read a book.

It’s around 5 o’clock. I reach Tai’erzhuang Road Station (Line 9) and head myself to my place. Getting out of Gutang Road Station I go to “running hot-pot” restaurant to have a dinner. In meantime I’m thinking of Tangzhen area. I completed in my mind another place I’d mark on map of Shanghai as “visited”.

I just can’t believe how much this city is developing! Even if these places are now far away from the city center or other civilized points of Inner Shanghai; I can somehow imagine what these suburbs will or would be like in 5-10 years! I promise myself to come these places or at least Caolu Town in some time after graduating from SFU, just to compare my imagination to what it will be in real.

Sometimes I do the same with my life I wonder how it will be like in few years later. How my “city” and “it’s suburbs” will be like.

My great comparison will be when I’ll lay out this picture – that’s shared within this writing – with one I might take in the future from the same place and perspective. If the only it will be the same. Shanghai already changes in previous 10 years, I cannot recognize streets I can see on satellite pictures of Pudong or other places from 2008. I even don’t want to know what it’ll be like in 2028.

With such a thoughts I end my dinner and go back home.

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