53. Zhangjiang Tramway

Thursday afternoon, Zhangjiang Town, Shanghai. After the last semester exam I came to Zhangjiang Town to see how the Shanghainese Tramway looks like. It’s the only tram in whole Shanghai!

I came to the terminal station at Zhangdong Road, from where are 14 station till Zhangjiang Metro Station, around 9 kilometers route.

I arrived at station just one minute before the tram left. The first thing that was strange to me is not that it’s the only tram and it’s a kind of “attraction” to use it at least once! The most strange thing about this tram was that it has the only one rail on which it moves!

I don’t know, whether somewhere in the world are such a one-rail tram, but it was my first time I saw such a one!

The most astounding fact was that how small space this rail take to build in the road comparing to what we have in Europe or somewhere else!

I’ve got a delight to think about my hometown where due to space reason, the city can’t be served with tram, as building in rails would be too long within our technology. Maybe I’m wrong, but it’s really the first time I see such a single rail and the tram moves smoothly on it!

I was driving through Guanglan Road Station area, Guanglan Estates and other new places to me. I even didn’t knew how many places I’m passing through with Line 2, whereas they seemed to be like in quite well developed, European countries! Not mentioning, that I felt like in Vienna, where I use its tramways the most!

After 35 minutes I arrived at Zhangjiang Metro Station. Full of nice impressions I stayed a little bit longer at Tramway station just to watch the map to see streets I was driving through!

Shortly I can comment it with just “WOW”! as I was speechless with what did I experienced.

It’s like tramways are common in Europe, maybe also in other parts of world; but here in Shanghai where are tens of Metro lines and thousands bus lines, here’s the only Tramway in Zhangjiang Town! So unique!

Right after I entered Metro Station I thought how it could be in our life we have a lot of eg.: friends, books, money – let’s say – and we have the only one life to live it at all! And this life is so unique to us! Isn’t it?

If not, it should be! Is your life so exciting, you’d experience and live it again and again and again? If not, do your life this way, that you’d dream to repeat again and again! Let your life be like this Tramway in Zhangjiang. There’re A LOT OF trams around the world. And even in Vienna itself I’m fully in love how the route of Vienna’s trams are going, like Line D, 1, 2, 15, 18, 71, etc.!

However, this tram in Shanghai is this way unique, it’s the only one that has a very short distance, just 9 kilometers, nevertheless, it gives a lot of fun to drive it!

I know, somehow I go around and around the topic, but really can’t get at all how something I’m well acquainted with would impress me so much! Just a tram!

Overall, considering my comparison of tram to our life I want just to share this positive feeling about the life and how should it surprise us, even everyday, even if we already get bored!

I would get bored with a tram. What is it to drive just a one tram in Shanghai, whereas in Katowice you have more than 15 lines or even in a small Olomouc. Of course not mentioning bigger cities like Berlin, Warsaw or Moscow where’s Tramway on Tramway!

With our life is the same, all people live their life, someone better, someone worse, some people are like Vienna, which is so beautiful and has so many tram connections that you can drive and drive endless; some are like this Shanghai, where everything else is better than this short-distance tram, even not so busy with people… But who told you, your tram can’t be better or good equally to other, if including landscape or places?

Be like this tram, let your life be like this tram! Don’t look at others people life. Maybe your life is better developed in other categories, like for instance the Metro in Shanghai is?

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