55. On the way back home. Shanghai summary (the 3rd semester)

WhatsApp Image 2018-01-21 at 3.40.47 PMSaturday afternoon, Hodonin, the Czech Republic. This is the same day I wrote the previous writing. Just while entering the train, that takes me to Pszczyna; I use this 4 hour trip to think about the third semester in Shanghai I just passed few days ago and I do in my mind a summary of this time.

As I did before with the first semester and then with a whole one year in Shanghai; again I watch all major point for goods and bads from time in China.

I always liked to do summary of some part of my life to improve or to keep going in what I’m doing. I think it’s very important on the way of personal development to analyze ourselves this way to make self-criticism or maybe self-prize.

Both are good as it’s power to get ready in action after resting and restarting for new episode or part of life.

For me study is challenging to be honest and I just wait to pass it at all to start my real “mission”, it’s to have a job and to use my skills I already got from some job experiences.

However, during such a summarization, I consider areas of my life that influenced me in own development or I influenced to be developed itself. In both situations it requires working on yourself.

I confess I’m that person, who instead of theory like practice and see studies useless. Nevertheless, this study time helps me to develop skills I have time to do so, as yet I have no responsibilities as an employee or freelancer.WhatsApp Image 2018-01-21 at 3.47.35 PM

What do I like about this semester the most? I had three times a chance to guide some friends around Shanghai and to show them the beauty of this city hidden as in well known tourist attractions so in places that are known only locally.

Besides that, I’d approve some skills I was already working on in meantime of studies.

Moreover, I AT LAST awaited to use Line 9 from my area, which will really simplify my tours if any will be planned with friends, if they only come to visit me!

There are not so much bads about Shanghai and China, maybe besides that I’m just tired because of people there. But, in recent time I started to treat them in other way, so my life pass much smoothier and actually I’d manage to stay in China longer, however, now in the train I realized how much I need to have a rest from life in Chinese reality.

The only what I just think of places in Shanghai how much lucky I’m to see them and to visit almost everyday, these are: Lujiazui, Tianzifang, Xintiandi, the Bund and so on.

Right now I thought how much I’ll miss these places after I graduate from the university and will end my period of studies in Shanghai for good. Nonetheless, now I consider to use this free time well to generate enough strength to be able to come back to China and to live the last semester the best I can.WhatsApp Image 2018-01-21 at 9.07.54 AM

Now I’m passing through the area of Kroměříž. I just memorize how once upon the time during the summer holiday 2015, I visited this town. It’s as small as the center of CAOLU or maybe in size of this part of Pudong. The only less populated and more beautiful.

If not the reason that’s the last train today to Poland and it’s a little bit cold outside, I’d get off the train to have a walk around this town and would wonder about it’s beauty which Chinese towns has not at all.

However, I thought I’m just 2 hours from my hometown and I wanna be there as fast as possible just to come and see it’s beautiful evening lights and slightly visible mountains shape…!

Yes. I was really missing the old good European cities and towns with its or Barock or Renesainse or mixed style of buildings. It’s majestic, colorful façades composed with nice area of the Old Square, parks, etc.; this is it. This is what I call home.

Yet, I missed mountains, hills and in general landscapes of Bielsko-Biała and around. I’m too strong tight with Bielsko I count every minute and second down to arrival time. AT LAST I’d see familiar places, people and everything that’s in and around my home.

I just connected my dream from airplane and feeling from now I have during this summary, this is now I really appreciate my origin place and in meantime I’m happy to have a chance to live and study in a such city like Shanghai.

I hope, that after all I’ll have a lot of opportunities to come to Shanghai again and again, but my place to be is my hometown or eventually Vienna, which I like too.

Such a question came to me, maybe I already asked it in other writing, but this one comes back again:

Are you the person who like me left hometown, Homeland to study or to have a job abroad and have the same or similiar feelings while coming back each time to your home? Do you do a summary of time you were in place where you migrated for study or work reason, to improve or keep on continuously what you’re doing there? Do you feel satisfaction after some time, a period of time you were apart from home? Do you feel you’ve achieved something in this time?

I do and this is how I’ll end this writing. I hope you’re doing or you’ll do the same. Keep higher quality of your life and enjoy each studying/working and free time. In both feel you use your life at all!

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