56. Epic Dream

1st February, 3:33am. Bielsko-Biała, Poland. I just woke up after an epic dream! It was so realistic I just couldn’t believe it’s the middle of night and I’m in my bed.

As it happened once in Shanghai I had a realistic dream with playing the piano and so on; now it’s another dimension of dreaming.

It was that I found myself in the world like from cartoon “Oban. Star racers”. All action was going in this imagined world. It reminded me of area of my hometown mixed with Halong Bay in Vietnam.

I went somewhere to see the Super Blue Blood Moon. However, while arriving at point I thought to choose as the best to observe this phenomenon. Just I stopped at the point and suddenly I felt a kind of déja vu.

In front of me was the landscape that was the “copy and paste” of scene from videoclip to song titled “Without You” by Finding Hope. It was so real I even memorize the phrase I told to someone: “That’s the moment I was waiting for since I was born”.

If you know the videoclip of the song “Without You”, you may be have noticed a peak that’s in the background to the left from persons standing in front of the view in the videoclip.WhatsApp Image 2018-01-31 at 11.26.21 PM

In my dream it’s came to be Mt. Rysy it’s originally located in Tatra Mountains in southern Poland. I told the phrase with the aim in my head to climb this certain peak.

The situation in my dream was this way odd from reality that Bielsko is not located beneath the Tatras like Zakopane does, nevertheless it seemed to be like that. The only thing that was different from origin feature of Bielsko was location of downtown it was located like on the peak of one “mountain” that has no ground beneath, the only waterfall seems to connect the land with downtown and the rest of city and all the “world”.

Right after I told “That’s the moment I was waiting for since I was born”; I heard my very good friend calling me to go forward with him to reach the peak.

During the walk it lasted just few minutes, I felt like I could levitate over the ground. The moment I stood on the top of the peak was the climax of the dream.

It’s that I heard the sentence once told to me in the last year, 8th May. The sentence is: “Your greatest happiness will come to you as a unexpectedly as I will come to judge in The Last Day”.

On the peak I heard the answer: “And now this (promised) happiness came to you. Enjoy”. And the dream ended with a glow feeling and very VERY warm hug!

After all I just closed my eyes and this is how my dream ended. The greatest thing is that after waking up I strongly felt this hug just like someone woke up me from dreaming. And this time, 3:33am!

I don’t know what’s that. Who or what made me dreaming this way and after all feel this way and HOW it happened, nevertheless I’m so glad to see that maybe I’m reaching something that makes a sense of my life.

Maybe it’s all about Poland and being here. I missed my Homeland so much, that now while staying here, my brain is somehow creating such a feelings, pictures… Who knows?

Now I’m going to continue sleeping as I need to collect strength for coming activities in planned for today! And there are a lot of those I really like!

In a such writing, the only one thing I’m leaving: whatever your happiness is and dreaming of the greatest dream one; simply enjoy you home, family, whatever is close to your heart. Then, even in spite of trouble or arguments or other unpleasant experiences/moments; you will enjoy your life at all. Not searching for the greatest happiness, because this one is/will be your daily life!


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