Orange Jack is my artist nickname with which I personalize this blog and character of my activities. The name is taken from orange jacket I use to wear quite often and I found it somehow distinguish me. It’s my recognition logo I want to use in further time to build up the page and activities feature. My main interest is traveling. In meantime I like to take pictures and record videos of places I visit and give a sense of feeling of what do I experience as in travel so in everyday life. Feel welcome to read my blog in serie Diary with a Hint of Impression where I write about my impressions from those moments of my life, my activities I hope will inspire you or to own actitivities, own thoughts through or just will be a point of view where you would see yourself. If you like travels, you want to see the world and you are that person who also like to have a lot of thoughts, this is your home, your place.

~ Kordian Moskala